Victor Sinclair Legacy Double Maduro

Victor Sinclair Legacy Double Maduro. 6x50. Wrap is a nice dark, marbled shade. Construction was good, though veins and leaf ends were prominent. Excellent cut and light. Medium draw pre-light turned into an excellent draw in the first third. Aroma of mild tobacco with notes of cocoa powder. Flavors of tobacco, dark wood, cocoa, and faint spice were consistent during the first half. Second half, only the taste of mild leaf remained as the flavor diminished. Ash was mostly clean, light marbled gray, clinging nearly two inches before the drop. Burn was good, mostly even all the way to the band. This is a good cigar for times when you want a Maduro wrap with a very mild filler. 

From the company:

"The Original Legacy. What is the difference between the smoke and our Double Maduro? First the feel is different, since Legacy is box pressed. A milky smooth flavor is considerably lighter in taste due to a 5 year old Brazilian Maduro Wrapper. Although the Double Maduro share a dark and moist appearance, the Original Legacy is subtle, yet satisfying."

Here I am enjoying the VS Legacy Double Maduro with my friend Ron at our homebrew club's annual Oktoberfest. Thanks Ron for the stogie!